Optimised Ship Forum
10 December, 2019, London

Upcoming 2020 Events
April, Rotterdam
May, Singapore
June, Norway
October, Hamburg

Optimised Ship Forum

Why attend

As vessels are becoming more complex, with an increasing number of variables to consider and a flood of data from onboard systems, Riviera Maritime Media’s Optimised Ship Forum delivers the practical insights shipowners and ship management companies need to drive forward vessel efficiency and performance management. 
• What are the benefits of smart energy efficiency management?
• How can KPI measurement points be determined before starting the data collection process?
• What is the anticipated fleet saving from the control room, and over what timeframe?
• Will the ships’ lifecycle shorten to allow newer technologies to be implemented?
• Measuring purchasing performance or optimising vessel performance?

The Optimised Ship Forum turns the unanswered questions into discussions for participants to explore and share their views and knowledge.

•    Identify best practices and operational efficiency trends
•    Discover which technologies do and don’t deliver on vessel performance
•    Explore with your peers the challenges, concerns and issues associated with monitoring performance 
•    Come away with answers and the ability for enhanced ship operations decision-making
•    Learn from data and fleet performance case studies and success stories



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