Optimised Ship Forum
10 December, 2019, London

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Optimised Ship Forum

Optimised Ship Forum


Identifying and Implementing Optimum Solutions for Ship Operational Efficiency


Following the industry feedback, Riviera Maritime Media is pleased to introduce The Optimised Ship Forum series that will cover different digitalisation and optimised operations topics based on different specific geographical focus.

As shipping companies and ship management companies see the true value behind the data they have, and the data they could potentially get, they will continue to invest in digitalisation. Certain processes will be facilitated through digitalisation, and future decisions will be taken on a much more profound information basis.

It is not an easy journey, but does have financial, commercial and operational benefits.
Shipping companies need this technology to meet hardening IMO expectations on emissions reductions. Digitalisation should certainly get the industry halfway to cutting carbon emissions by 50%.

Hear from the IMO, BIMCO, ship owners and class societies as they deliver their vision and recommendations in Maritime 2050. 

The Optimised Ship Forum is key for ship owners to make better decisions when looking at improving their ship performance and operational efficiency. It aims to bring together the maritime sector and navigate change by providing insight into how to use digitalisation technology to optimise ship operations. 

Discussion points
-    How to use regulatory frameworks to facilitate smart shipping and autonomy?
-    How are IMO 2050 regulations addressing energy efficiency and GHG emissions?
-    Does the C-suite level understand the true value of accessing and analysing data?
-    What are the benefits of IoT applications and real-time vessel monitoring?
-    Operational efficiency in ports from the ships’ perspective
-    What methods and monitoring solutions to consider for improving operational efficiency? 


We look forward to seeing you in London on 10 December!

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You can watch our video intereviews with key speakers from past Optimised Ship events below:



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