Optimised Ship Forum
1 October, 2019

11 December, 2019

Optimised Ship Forum

Optimised Ship Forum


Identifying and Implementing Optimum Solutions for Ship Operational Efficiency


Following the success of the inaugural forum in October in Hamburg, the second Optimised Ship Forum will take place on 11 December 2019 in London.

A major transformation is taking place in the marine industry. Measures, directives and regulations are driving shipowners and ship management companies to adopt new technologies to ensure compliance and improve environmental performance. At the same time, there is a critical need to improve efficiency in highly competitive markets suffering from overcapacity.

As vessels are becoming more complex, with an increasing number of variables to consider and a flood of data from onboard systems, Riviera Maritime Media’s Optimised Ship Forum delivers the practical insights shipowners and ship management companies need to drive forward vessel efficiency and performance management. 
• What are the benefits of smart energy efficiency management?
• How can KPI measurement points be determined before starting the data collection process?
• What is the anticipated fleet saving from the control room, and over what timeframe?
• Will the ships’ lifecycle shorten to allow newer technologies to be implemented?
• Measuring purchasing performance or optimising vessel performance?

The Optimised Ship Forum turns the unanswered questions into discussions for participants to explore and share their views and knowledge.

Across a range of focused settings, including interactive roundtables, participants will:
Identify best practices and operational efficiency trends.
Discover which technologies deliver on vessel performance.
Explore the challenges, concerns and issues associated with monitoring performance with peers.
Come away with answers and the ability for enhanced ship operations decision-making.
Learn from data and fleet performance case studies and success stories.

We look forward to seeing you in London on 11 December!


Through a mix of presentations, case studies, panel and roundtable discussions with industry experts, the conference will demystify the key elements of vessel performance with open dialogue, intelligence gathering and networking on different aspects of vessel optimisation.

This new global series of events aims to cut through the noise and hype to offer real insights on vessel optimisation in areas including marine propulsion and auxiliary machinery, energy management, e-navigation, predictive maintenance, training, vessel design and maritime digitalisation and communications.
• Controlling and optimising processes.
• Isolating hull performance from external factors.
• Reducing costs through operational improvements.
• Determining the operational mode of a vessel, eliminating the need for manual data input.
• Using data from existing sensors, geo-fencing data and advanced data analytics to establish operational modes in real-time.

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